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Overwatch Boost
Overwatch Boost


The overwatch boost is a boosting service that gives the player an opportunity to move from the game play’s current division to the upper division that may also include “Heroic”. The overwatch boost service offers a number of professional players to you and these players are always at your disposal. By utilizing this service you will have the privilege to play with top tier players. The overall concept behind this service is to boost your gameplay. If you believe that your current level of play is below your capabilities or if you feel that you have already mastered the particular level which you are playing at the moment then overwatch boost service is the best option for you under such a situation.

Overwatch boost: Working

While placing order on the website, a customer will provide the necessary information. This information will be used by the system to log into the account of the customer. The system operating will let the boosters know that a new order has been placed. One of the boosters will work on the order and start the boosting process.

If the customer wants to get logged into the battle account then in such a scenario he or she has to provide the information which is accurate. In case the customer is utilizing the authenticator protection then in such a case the customer has to give the code either to the assigned booster or to the live support.

During the overwatch boost process sometimes it may happen that a customer’s Bnet account unlocking is required. Once the customer has finished the order he or she can log into the account and enjoy the new division. The order progress can also be tracked but for that a customer needs to be the registered member.