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Affordable Luxury Dwellings in Exotic Locations
Affordable Luxury Dwellings in Exotic Locations


Your dream house which is plush and spacious and is set in an exotic location is no longer a farfetched notion. Imagine waking up in a house every morning feeling like you are on a holiday. Nothing beats the beauty of a home with a view. Being surrounded by nature while living in a relaxing climate is what adds more animation to the art of living. There is so much more to experience than being trapped in a concrete jungle. It indeed sounds like a healthy proposition to have a second home away in the lap of nature. You do need to breathe to live. There are many who cannot handle the chaos of cities and need some headroom. Whatever be the reason, owning a home abroad is a decision you’ll never regret. However, to acquire a property in an exotic location can be very expensive. Most of the countries have a difficult process when it comes to buying property by expatriates. So, a country with friendly laws that welcomes foreign investment and has the charismatic appeal of nature is what you should look for.

The Portuguese republic is one of the oldest and most popular overseas property destinations. Investing in a property here involves a low risk and brings about medium to high long-term returns. The construction and building process here quite systematized and standardized. Thus, Portugal villas for sale have a high quality of construction. Besides, the country is blessed with a diverse landscape. Beautiful beaches, mountains, olive groves, vineyards and its varied flora and fauna very much attribute it with an exotic character.

The reasons to buy a house in the Portuguese Republic:

  • It is safe. The crime rate is very low.
  • The locals are friendly and welcoming to foreigners.
  • The Portugal villas for sale are comparatively low priced than in other countries.
  • It has a very amenable and incurious lifestyle.


There is a variety of residences available in the Portuguese market. Apart from the Portugal villa for sale, there are apartments and farmhouses available as well. Thus, there is something for every taste and pocket size. What is more interesting is the fact the government has taken special steps to encourage foreign buyers. This makes it easy for expatriates to acquire Portugal villas for sale.

Some helpful policies by the government that make a Portugal villa for sale more attractive:

  • The property tax is reduced from 48% to 20%.
  • No taxes are charged from retired people.
  • They provide a golden visa that converts to citizen upon purchase of property above 500000 Euros.
  • Easy bank loans.
  • Establishing a systematic and efficient bureaucracy.


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